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Welcome to the website of TIPP OIL Manufacturer LTD

So it runs like clockwork. Your professional for lubricants with quality seal.
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INNOVATIVE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION - We are committed Further Information


Our company

TIPP OIL offers powerful and innovative lubricants for various applications.

All TIPP OIL products meet national and international standards and are carefully monitored during design, production, filling and marketing.



We distinguish in our product range underProdukte Startseite

  • engine oil
  • transmission oil
  • hydraulic oil
  • compressor oil
  • turbine oil
  • industrial oils
  • and special oils.

We have a wide range of mineral and synthetic oils for you. Whether in the field of cars, trucks, construction machines or industrial machines, at TIPP OIL you will always find what you are looking for.


Environmental Protection

We are committed to actively promoting environmental protection. That is why we have developed the world's first deposit system for plastic containers in the mineral oil sector. The empty lubricating oil bottles are taken back by us, cleaned and refilled. This saves resources and reduces the burden of nature with plastic waste. Please help us and pay attention to the sign

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TIPP OIL is an independent brand with great know-how and a range that offers the optimal oil for every application.

Our bottler has the most recent certifications and has a management system for quality and environment according to the standards DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2015. In addition, the laboratory is accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Our quality guidelines

We observe the rules on sustainability, the code of conduct and the health and safety policy for employees. We attach great importance to customer satisfaction, comprehensive service, high quality, reliability in the delivery of our products with the quality seal "Made in Germany".

TIPP OIL offers an optimally tailored product for your needs. In our overview we present you our extensive assortment.




We have to stick together in these difficult times, please stay at home. Stay healthy

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We want to help:



Tipp oil


Your professional for Lubricants

We stand for quality and safety
We promise you consistently high quality, competent consulting services and customer-oriented service.

Safety All our products are subject to the highest quality standards
Sustainability We regard environmental protection as corporate responsibility
ValuesSocial responsibility is important to us
Customer Service We stand for reliability and know-how

Only at TIPP OIL

See what advantages our products have:
ENVIRONMETAL AWARENESS  We innovatively use a deposit-back system for the plastic containers
CLIMATE AWARENESS   We see and protect our environment as part of our corporate responsibility.
Siegel premium quality
PREMIUM QUALITY   With us you receive every product delivered in the usual premium quality.
MADE IN GERMANY  All products have been manufactured under the strictest guidelines in Germany.

Our products are subject to the highest quality control.

PREMIUM GUARANTEED  We guarantee that our products meet the highest standards.
WE HELP  We actively support disadvantaged people.
A STRONG TEAM  We are actively working with the Zenaga Foundation.

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Contact us

We are there for you at many national and international locations.

Contact us
TIPP OIL Manufacturer LTD Am Langen Kamp 2
59192 Bergkamen
Further information on request from our branches and warehouses