Environmental protection concerns all of us

We at TIPP OIL have thought about doing something good for the environment. Due to our unique concept, our deposit system is suitable for all

Lubricant Suppliers  I  online shops  I  Dealer  I  Shop and petrol station operators  I  car dealerships  I  motor vehicle Workshops  I  wholesalers

Take advantage of our benefits and take responsibility for environmental protection. We offer you a free take-back of small containers of 1L-20 L with the purchase of our own brand of TIPP Oil (plastic containers). We will refund you 25 cents per piece.

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2. free advertising material
3. exclusive right in their region
4. press releases
5. social media marketing
6. publication in our new catalogue TIPP OIL as a partner
7. events and parties related to TIPP OIL

What are the advantages of a partnership with REBOTTLE for your company?

Acquiring new customers in the B2B sector and end consumers
Long-term cost savings
Helping to protect the environment through recycling
You pay an annual franchise fee of 10.000,- Euro plus VAT and enjoy the advantages of a premium partnership with REBOTTLE.

Register today at contact@tippoil.com and start doing something good for the environment together with us.

Your trusted partner TIPP OIL