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We offer a comprehensive range of biological cleaning products based on effective microorganisms for professional applications. Our goal is a holistic cleaning concept as well as a sustainable approach to the environment. By using our solutions, the consumption of conventional cleaning agents is reduced to an absolute minimum, thus making an active contribution to water and environmental protection! Tipp Oil BIO is the German manufacturer of cleaning and recycling products, specialising in the biotechnological use of effective microorganisms, without the addition of any artificial or chemical substances.

The philosophy of Tipp Oil bio-products is based exclusively on the use of cleaning processes as they occur in nature.

Tipp Oil is one of the pioneers of biological industrial water purification technology. We were the first company worldwide to launch a 100% biological product line for car washes.



 Biological disinfectant solution for hand and surface disinfection

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Floor cleaner  

Ecological cleaning solution for every floor, with the power of effective microorganisms

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Industrial cleaner  

Cleaning solution with effective microorganisms for the removal of synthetic oil Petroleum

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 Wheel cleaner  

The acid-free special cleaner for removing stubborn dirt such as burnt-in brake dust, oil residues and dried-on road grime.

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 Surface cleaner  

Highly concentrated, microbiological preparation based on effective microorganisms. Ideal for use in petrol stations, factory   halls, warehouses.

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