Rim cleaner pro is a powerful, pH-neutral rim cleaner and suitable for all types of rims. Contamination such as brake dust, gray haze, tar, oil and road pollution are removed well. With beading effect and gloss additives. Free from organic complexing agents and phosphates. The rim cleaner pro has high-quality corrosion protection through special corrosion protection inhibitors. With anti-static effect to reduce the adhesion of new dirt. Gentle on brake discs, paint, rubber and plastics.

Instructions for use:

  1. Spray rims, leave to act for 4 to 8 minutes
  2. In the case of very stubborn dirt, work in with a brush if necessary
  3. Thoroughly rinse the rim with a strong water jet or high-pressure cleaner

Application advice:

Do not use in direct sunlight or hot surfaces. Do not let dry. Rinse thoroughly and test for suitability before use. Shake well before use.


20-30% sodium mercaptoacetate solution, <5% sodium lauryl ether sulfate, <3% butyl glycol, <1% 2-propanol, sodium gluconate and xanthan


Felgenreiniger Pro